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What is Arash Digital?

Delving into the profile of the company

Arash Digital is an Exclusive Indonesian Partner of Swiftpass-Wallyt, a Worldwide Payment System - Technical Service Provider (TSP) in over 54 countries with more than 250 banks & financial institutions

Herlina Kalla

Founder & Director

Arash Digital

Tong Liu




  1. Arash Digital Started

    The first crossborder payment supporting company in Indonesia

  2. Cooperation with Bank BUKU IV

    No Objection from OJK and Final Approval from BI with CIMB Niaga for WeChatPay platform

  3. Launching Preparation for WeChatPay and AliPay

  4. COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world

  5. Business Pillar 2 & 3 Initiated

  6. Arash-Wallyt and Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) cooperation started

Arash Digital Achievement

... ...

ISO Certification


Registered in Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia as Payment Support Operator and System Integrator


Member of AFTECH (Indonesia Fintech Association)

Wallyt Achievement


ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001 Certification